Cook Piling offers a complete maintenance and construction service, wherever water is involved. Operating on rivers, lakes and canals throughout the UK, we are happy to handle a full end-to-end project, or the specialist parts of a project that our customers are not equipped to handle.

Working with customers such as Edmund Nuttall, John Mowlem, Breheny, The Environment Agency, May Gurney, Bass Breweries, British Waterways, Trant and various local authorities, we are involved in projects as diverse as:

  • Dredging and general waterways maintenance
  • Reconstruction of weirs, locks, sluice gates and bridges
  • Salvage of boats and barges
  • Marine and terrestrial piling, in steel and wood
  • Building of boathouses, wet and dry docks, landing stages and coffer dams

Alternatively, we will just hire you the equipment you need to complete the work. See our plant hire section for details.


If you’d like to discuss your plant hire needs, commercial or bespoke, call us on 01628 822200.

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